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Singer Vehicle Design - back to the future


Porsche restorer and master in the art of the “backdate” on a 911 base, Singer signs a new breathtaking realization, which draws its inspiration from the world of endurance rallies, the All-Terrain Competition Study (ACS).

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Ferdinand Piëch, 2 years already


Born in Vienna in 1937, Ferdinand Piëch, an emblematic figure of Porsche and the Volkswagen Group, considered one of the best engineers and managers of the automotive industry of his time, passed away 2 years ago, on August 25, 2019.

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Porsche Taycan 4 Cross Turismo - the new born of the family


With style, class and new technology, the latest model in the Porsche range: the Taycan 4 Cross Turismo! It features the characteristic elements of the Off-Road Design Pack and the distinctive shape of the Cross Turismo design, which offers even more storage space in the trunk and more high clearance in the rear.

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Porsche Taycan « KEF! »


What a beautiful union between street art and an exceptional car! For the ephemeral pleasure of those who are lucky enough to be able to go and admire this Porsche Taycan Turbo S, 100% electric, in the Passion Automobile dealership in Sausheim, near Mulhouse, in the north-east of France, close to the Swiss and German […]

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Porsche 917, the lethal weapon!


The Porsche 917 was, without any doubt, the most important racing car ever produced by Zuffenhausen. While today the 917 may seem simplistic, at the time it achieved a level of performance that few, if any, of its rivals could ever achieve. Moreover, its success extended not only to traditional endurance racing, but also to […]

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Focus on « Hexagon Classics »

2021-05-17 | London

Paul Michaels, Chairman of Hexagon Classics started the business in 1963 from a small mews in Hampstead, North London. Hexagon quickly built a reputation for being passionate about road and racing cars. They became the official dealers of some of the most prestigious brands in the world, including Porsche, Aston Martin, Alfa Romeo, Lotus and […]

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Did you know the fate of Jo Siffert?

2021-05-14 | Fribourg

In the “Swiss Viper Museum” in Givisiez, just outside Fribourg (Switzerland), a special exhibition is currently dedicated to Jo Siffert until Dec 2021. For more than a decade, Joseph Siffert fascinated the whole of Switzerland until his tragic accident at Brands Hatch in 1971. As owner of 2 garages in Fribourg, (representing the brands Porsche […]

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Do you want to win a Porsche 911 ?

2021-05-04 | Giessen, Germany

This fabulous Porsche 911, among others Stuttgart’s classic cars, can be yours! How to do it? Join the donation campaign Oldtimerspendenaktion to get the chance to win attractive classic cars. Lebenshilfe Gießen organization supports over 2,800 people with disabilities in a self-determined life.

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Happy birthday Porsche Boxster!


The year 2021 will be a very important milestone in the history of the Boxster family. To celebrate this event, Porsche made it big, with the launch of the Boxster “Special Edition 25 years” with 400hp.

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Porsche and celebrities, a love affair!


(Since Ferdinand Porsche launched the first model of the brand in 1948, a legend was born to last for several generations. So, when you have the financial resources and you are a legend yourself, a star of soccer, singer or actor, you won’t hesitate to let yourself be seduced by the sirens of the German […]

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Porsche Tapiro, an amazing concept


In our previous articles, we have related the destiny of several concept cars and studies. Spotlight on another concept car, less known to the public, the Porsche Tapiro.

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Origin of the Porsche logo, myth or reality?


The attribution of paternity of the Porsche logo still raises many questions to this day.Numerous stories and legends still feed the controversy as to whether the legendary designer Erwin Komenda or Ferry Porsche is the author of the famous company logo.

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The Porsche models, unique prototypes (1984-2002)


As a follow-up to our previous article about the prototypes developed by Porsche, here are a few examples of those made between 1984 and 2002 which have also never been mass-produced. These various studies were developed with the aim of diversifying the range of models which until then had consisted solely of the 911.

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Porsche models, the unseen prototypes (1952-1971)


Porsche has recently released a book called “Porsche Unseen” unvailing the history of Porsche models and prototypes, built between 2005 and 2019. This is an opportunity to take a look at other earlier projects that have also never gone into series production. Here are some prototypes created between 1952 and 1971.

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Electric cars, the world turned upside down?


(MAll cities are fighting against noise, but Europe is forcing electric cars to be noisy! Indeed, since July 1, 2019, all new four-wheeled electric vehicles sold in the European Union will have to produce artificial noise. This directive will be mandatory as of the middle of next year (2021). It requires electric cars to emit […]

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How did Switzerland bring Porsche on to the road of success?


Switzerland and Porsche have a very close relationship, since the foundation of the brand, Switzerland was its first market. This relationship was reflected in the purchase of the first Porsche cars by Swiss nationals. The very first mid-engine Porsche, assembled in Gmünd, Austria, the Porsche-Prototype No. 1 (356/1-001) was registered on June 8, 1948, bearing […]

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How to choose your first Porsche?


Buying your first Porsche always raises a lot of questions, feelings mixed with joy, doubts, fear of making a mistake… «Did I get a good deal?» «Is my choice judicious?»… Who has ever asked these questions when buying a car? Especially when buying a Porsche!

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